We are a well established and respected company based in Cornwall supplying some of Europes major sporting events PA and commentary. Our aim is to provide a professional reliable service to promote what ever your needs may be.

Soundworx made my wedding better than anything I had ever experienced before in my entire life. Ben Byfield

Welcome to Soundworx

Our services range from setting up extreme sports events, hiring out quality PA systems, co-operate promotions, live music services for social events, weddings and even supplying small PA systems for your very own BBQ in your back garden.

Sports Events

We cater for many extreme sport events around the entire United Kingdom. Some events we cover included the Premiere British Surf tour the UK PRO SURF TOUR, ASP WQS, Royal Yatch Association and the infamous and internationally known THUNDERCATS Speed boat racing. Even night rugby matches that take place in Cornwall at Lusty Glaze Beach. For further information check out our services page and enjoy.

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For more information check out our services page.

PA Systems and Products

Soundworx Ltd offer a wide range and variety of products for hire that cater for small disco occations through to concert sound using our modular Opus rig, these are British speakers, handmade right here in Cornwall. The products we have to offer are ideal for large clubs, open air sporting events and even for stadium touring. Our products are extremley versatile, and are perfect for any occastion, no matter how big or small.

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For more information check out our services page.

Event Management

Along with the wide range of services and products that we have to offer we also offer to set up and manage events that range from social occastions, corperate promotions, weddings and sporting events.

For more information check out our services page.